Call for Volunteers

Sign-up as an SBAS 2013 Volunteer. Download the Application Form: Volunteer-Application-Form.pdf

Application Deadline: March 31, 2013 by 11:59 pm

We’re calling for volunteers to help in the 6th Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show and Sale, to be held in Toronto from May 30th to June 1st, 2013. We warmly invite interested individuals to step forward and contribute to this unique annual event that brings artists, art lovers and collectors together to celebrate art at the historic Sunnyside Pavilion, located on the west-end waterfront just south of High Park.

We are looking for friendly, responsible, and committed volunteers to act as:

  1. 1.Show Guides - to assist visitors with information about the show and getting around the venue

  2. 2.Artist Coordinators - to assist artists with preparations for the show

  3. 3.Art Project Assistants- to assist adult-oriented projects

  4. 4.Art School Assistants - to assist in kids art workshops

What’s in it for you
This is an opportunity to get to know over 70 artists, collectors and community professionals. You will be involved in a memorable tradition that celebrates not only artists, but also cultural diversity, friendship and the creative spirit. The success of SBAS 2013 depends on its volunteers and that will be your integral role to play! Not to mention, drinks and meals will be provided for all volunteers during the event.

For high school students: volunteering with SBAS 2013 counts towards community service hours.

What’s expected of you
In general, your duties would involve:

  1. 1.Accompanying the SBAS 2013 advisory committee / jury members / guests for the duration of the show from May 31st to June 1st. Volunteers are expected to execute on their assigned duties during this timeframe.

  2. 2.Introducing and highlighting artists and their location to our visitors, as well as creating a welcoming social environment. Training and materials will be provided.

  3. 3.Assisting with the daily schedules, communications, security, and general affairs of the teams/ jury members.

  4. 4.Participating in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and giving awards to the artists.

  5. 5.Pre-event preparations, including setup of designated venues and preparation for the lottery and gift bags.

  6. 6.Other duties that fit your skill set and go-to attitude may be assigned throughout the creative process.

All volunteers will be required to attend three full days as well as pre-event training and rehearsals in Sunnyside Pavilion before the event. Please feel free to direct any questions that you have to us at

How to Sign-up
Please register your interest by filling out our application form: Volunteer-Application-Form.pdf and by sending it to us at with the word VOLUNTEER in the subject line.

Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview. The organizers reserve the right to decline the services of volunteers who have signed-up, without giving any reason.

"A volunteer leader's personal passion for the group's mission is contagious and it motivates."

By John M. Knibb

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