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Due to plans for a major renovation at the Sunnyside Pavilion the Sunnyside Beach Art Show is cancelled for 2014.


Q1 Who organizes the Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale?

The Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale is organized by Art Initiatives in the historic Sunnyside Pavilion.

Art Initiatives is a non-profit organization. The core of Art Initiatives is formed from a group of artists, art professionals and art lovers. Since 2006, they develop exhibitions which feature contemporary works by the Canadian artistic community and present the achievements of artists from abroad, giving them greater exposure within the Canadian art scene. With the Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show & Sale, the Initiative offers all artists an affordable opportunity to exhibit, promote and sell their work in the charming environment of the Sunnyside Pavilion.

Q2 What is the application fee?

$25 non-refundable fee by cheque or money order made out to Art Initiatives.

Q3 What is the participation fee?

For a standard outdoor space* 10x10 feet:
Artists: $195 or $250 for a semi-enclosed space (under a roofed section of the Pavilion)

Full-time students: $125 (all 2012 graduates still considered students. Please include a copy of your student ID with your application).

*We provide a 10x10 foot space. You must bring your own booth or tent and display materials. Each year we partner with rental companies who can assist participants with their equipment needs.

Q4 What does my application fee go towards?

Art Initiatives is a non-profit organization. Your application fee helps pay for advertising: flyers that are delivered to homes and businesses, the printing of the show catalogue and other promotional material, in addition to regular show costs.

Q5 I’ve applied. What’s next?

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail stating the submission jury decision.

Q6 I’ve been chosen to participate. Where do I deposit the money?

Please make a cheque out to: Art Initiatives and send to: 198 North Queen St. Toronto, Ontario M9C 4Y1.

Q7 The first place art show prize is $1000. Are there any other awards?

We are always seeking donors to contribute prize money/awards. The September 2012 edition prizes included:

First Place Award for Outstanding Artist sponsored by Dara and Marvin Singer ($1,000)

The Spotlight Award ($250)

People's Choice Award ($500)

And the Woolfitt’s Award for Artist Recognition (a Winsor & Newton watercolour set, $406.90 value)

Q8 Who is in the jury?

Members of the arts community—artists, curators, architects, and art professionals—are invited onto the jury panel.

Our 2013 prize selection jury includes:

Edward Gajdel, celebrated portrait photographer

Jennifer Leskiw, art consultant, Jennifer Leskiw Contemporary

Walter Williems, co-founder

Q9 How will the works be displayed at the show?

We only provide a standard 10x10 foot space. You must bring your own booth or tent and display materials, including tables, chairs, grids etc. Each year we partner with rental companies who can assist participants with their equipment needs. Exhibitors may leave their work set up for the duration of the show as the area is locked daily and patrolled by security.

Q10 The art show is a three-day event. Can I leave my work at the Pavilion overnight?

Yes. Please note that while there will be overnight security at Sunnyside Pavilion, we assume no responsibility for any loss or damages. We suggest arranging for insurance coverage.

Q11 I would like to help promote the show. What can I do?

  1. 1.Send a SAVE THE DATE to friends, family and fans as soon as you can.

  2. 2.Send your supporters an email reminder a few days before the show. Remember, personalized correspondence is best.

  3. 3.Spread the word via social media sites. Post inspiration shots, work-in-progress snapshots. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, share our posts and links, tweet and retweet.

  4. 4.Encourage everyone you meet to come out. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to spread the word.

  5. 5.Send everyone a quick thank you, after the show. It’s always appreciated.

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